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'Our work not only holds potential for developing cells for treatment of other areas of the eye, but could set the stage for future human clinical trials of anterior eye transplantation to restore visual function,' said the researchers.

However, it may be years before the research can be put into practice in humans.

Stock image'Despite receiving more than 21,500 protest e-mails following the revelation that kittens at the university were having their eyelids sewn shut in abysmally cruel experiments, the university is apparently at it again, only this time it's rabbits who are the victims of such crude research.

I just finished “The Souls of Black Folk” written in 1903 by WEB Dubois and it was the hardest book I have ever read for leisure.

Scientists have discovered a method for generating several key types of eye tissue from human stem cells.

This image shows how human stem cells grow over several weeks to spontaneously form four zones each of which has a characteristic of a different part of the eye, therefore mimicking whole eye development Researchers from Cardiff University and Osaka University in Japan have shown corneal epithelial cells can be cultivated and transplanted into the eyes of blind rabbits to surgically repair the front of the eye.

The treatment, which has been tested in animals and in a small, human clinical trial, produced much fewer surgical complications than the current method and resulted in regenerated lenses with superior visual function in all 12 of the paediatric cataract patients who received the new surgery.

The scientists reported fewer complications and faster healing among the 12 infants who underwent the new procedure and, after three months, a clear, regenerated biconvex lens in all of the patients' eyes.

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