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However, if your student becomes very ill or incapacitated and is unable to contact his or her instructors, you may have to.

Use the online directory search (Uof M White Pages) to look up instructor phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

That college then notifies your student about advising.

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Our instructors consider our students to be adults and, therefore, expect the students to contact them regarding such matters.

Also, FERPA restrictions prevent faculty from discussing a student's work with anyone other than the student.

But the 2-to-1 rule is a reasonable recommendation.

A: We recommend that you do not contact your student's instructors on matters such as grades, attendance, assignments, etc.

If so, your student should go to the Dean's Office of the college of the NEW major and request the change.

This office will see that records are transferred and that your student is assigned a new advisor.

Later, when he or she decides upon a major, your student should notify his or her counselor in the Academic Counseling Center.

The counselor will transfer your student's records to the appropriate college.

It is not unusual for entering freshmen to be undecided as to their majors.


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