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George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle—they just didn’t name the date.

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Alex Graham, the creator and cartoonist based Fred on his own dog Frieda and drew over 9,000 comic strips. Fred's cartoon strips are renamed as Wurzel in Germany, Lillo il Cane Saggio (Lillo the wise dog) in Italy, Lorang in Norway, Laban in Sweden and Retu, Pitko or Koiraskoira in Finland.

Fred's owners are a middle-aged husband and wife, who are not given names in the strip.

Topical references are kept to a minimum; one mention of The Beatles and the family's continually recovered lounge sofa suite are the few giveaways of its age.

There are mentions to New Year during 19 and 1 January 1973 when the UK entered the common market.

Though the wedding is less than six months away, Prince Harry and his American bride seem to be doing just fine with that whole “charming the people” aspect of royal engagement.

Just four days after they announced their engagement, the couple traveled to Nottingham for their first royal engagement, where fans greeted Markle with bouquets of flowers and a fellow ginger had a special message for Harry: “How does it feel being a ginger—with Meghan? On Thursday, at an event at Buckingham Palace where he met Prince Charles, Britain’s own Idris Elba gushed to Sky News reporters about Markle, who has a black mother and a white father.“Meghan Markle, as a person, regardless of her color, is a role model,” he said.

Fred and his family still live in a pre-1990s era, with only a few hints to modern life, such as satnav and them finally buying a more modern car, as shown in the 2008 annual.

Fred Basset features in many books worldwide, in the UK a long-running series of books reprints most of the newspaper strips. Later books dated by year, 1994 onwards, include the Michael Martin drawn cartoons, as well as Graham's colour ones until the Alex Graham cartoons stock had ended by the 1996 book.

Known relations to the family are "her rich eccentric" Uncle Albert, and her sisters, one in UK and one overseas.

A new relation introduced during the mid-1990s was mentioned as "her Aunt Flo." There are not any children in Fred's immediate family, although Amanda and the Tucker Twins appear regularly.

The first copyright dates (then for Associated Newspapers) were added to the cartoon strips during 1969.


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