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By Alexia Evripidou WITH VALENTINE’S Day fast approaching, many men and women in their 30s know from bitter personal experience that love and relationships are in trouble.They complain of loneliness and their inability to find partners and each cite the opposite sex as the problem. Why are attractive, intelligent and willing 30 somethings struggling to find partners and turning to non Cypriots for solace?

dating a borderline personality disorder - Greek cypriot dating

But she does believe in one common factor; responsiveness.

If one is responding to the other in any sort of way, it doesn’t have to be calm all the time or intense all the time, just as long as people care about each other enough to sit, talk and listen for ever.

Kofterou also believes it’s coming back in fashion and Mr. “It can make women feel a little safer if someone they know, knows the man well and therefore be more approachable,” explains Kofterou.

This subject is vast and complex and here seems to be no right or wrong answers for dating or relationships but there are insightful suggestions.

She’s also started a matchmaking service within the context of therapy to help individuals understand their needs and identify suitable partners.

“Of course there are people here who have healthy and happy relationships; generally these are people who have explored themselves.“The women have it in their heads that they shouldn’t be doing certain things to maintain this taught narrative and keep their ‘dignity’ and men are frustrated as a result.Times have changed but people are afraid to stray from the norms, they want to be accepted by their community.” Kofterou acknowledges that sex is still a big taboo here.Kofterou encourages men to be brave and approach women to chat with them, even if they’re reluctant.“Work through it and speak to the girl, the only reason the women seems to be cold, is because of the things before mentioned.You need to be able to see this on yourself if you want to improve yourself,” says Kofterou.

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