Dawn and que still dating 2016 am dating wrong guy

Delays are a relief for me, as long as it isn’t Persona 5. I would REALLY appreciate a collector’s edition and would pre-order it( well switch my pre-order because I already have the game paid off at my local gstop). I don’t think Sony has managed to get a single exclusive out on time this generation, but I guess that doesn’t matter when they’re still the number one selling console every month.

If you mean the PS4 hasn’t had any exclusives on time, not true at all… you might be right, although I don’t recall any delays to in Famous First Light when is technically a standalone…

I always saw the “2016” as a tentative thing and didn’t hold them to any date.

Any players that bought a PS4 just for this game in “2016” will still be able to play the game “2017”.

Still Final Fantasy XV, King of Fighters XIV, even Call of Duty Infinite Warfare from me. and those are just the ones we already have release dates for.

All told, there are like 35-40 games still yet to release this year that I want to play. Do you think you guys will release a collector’s edition of the game, maybe with some artwork, backlog of how the story came about, a Aloy statue, and some other freebies?

If anything, Greg was the one saying that the game was gonna get delayed at the beginning of the year, with Colin saying that he would be wrong. Giving him credit for once hundreds of other people have already said B. Of course its true, but that’s not the concept of the line/joke. Colin is a member of Kinda Funny with Greg Miller, maybe even more importantly he is your new president in 2020 :-).

Lots of the lines that reference Greg or Colin or Beyond! Great people/channel to follow for Playstation/gaming fans. It looks great, but I applaud you taking the time to get it right. There were way too many games set for 2016 as it was, glad to see a few of them moved to 2017 to ease the burden on my wallet and my time. Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines was only .99, but then Street Fighter V, Battleborn, Uncharted 4, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Ratchet and Clank, and I got the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game and this week I want to step back.

Alienation, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4 and Gravity Rush Remastered came out already this year and were pretty damned good.

Do some of you guys judge a console by its holiday line-up and not its games total?

We’ve been quiet in recent months, but rest assured that development on Horizon Zero Dawn is still going full steam ahead!

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