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Season Three, where Veronica goes to Hearst College, deviated from the formula in an attempt to attract new viewers.

The big mystery format was abandoned, in favor of two short arcs and a hand-full of stand-alone episodes.

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It may just be popularity by association, but Veronica's life is pretty good. Duncan dumps Veronica so abruptly, and so seemingly out of the blue, that she has no idea she's been dumped until Lilly tells her; days later, Lilly is found dead, her head bashed in.

Veronica's father accuses Jake Kane of committing the crime, and the town reacts badly, holding an emergency recall election and replacing Keith with his deputy, Donald Lamb.

In September, Cartoon Network explicitly forbade Toonami from ever airing the show again, forcing Toonami to air the final 7 episodes in a marathon on September 28th- the last day before CN's order went into effect.

Cartoon Network then wrote off the show from their network, deeming it a financial failure and ending the series for good.

The show was canceled at the end of the season, going out on an awesome (and heart-breaking, but maddeningly inconclusive) two-part finale.

On March 13, 2013, a Kickstarter project was launched to help fund a concluding movie.

The Kickstarter broke the record for fastest to reach a million dollars, in four hours and 24 minutes, and reached its million funding goal less than 11 hours in.

When the Kickstarter ended on April 12, ,702,153 had been donated, and the previous record for most donations (87,000 people) was also broken with 91,585 fans sending in donations. agreed to distribute and market the film, releasing it to theatres and for download on March 14, 2014 - a year and a day after the Kickstarter launched.

Additionally, six months later a Web Video Spin-Off, , launched on CW Seed.

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