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All Mannsville and Wilson Pre-K through 5th grade attended 3 lessons on egg parts, life cycle, feathers, nests, etc.

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Vehicle access above the lower gate is very tight in places....especially if you have a snowmobile trailer....depending on how wide [the trailer is, the road] may not be passable much beyond Lookout point.

We met up with Keith Cozart and Mike Botkin (see following article) who came up on the 11th.

Here are some stats for this year: 6 Barnyard Cackle Shows at the elementary buildings.

168 videoconferences to 27 schools and 59 classrooms throughout NYS in a 28 day period.

Snowmobile travel is tricky....bumps and dips and buried down trees, exposed branches.

Other news: A large avalanche came down.....probably during or after the big storms....the Timber Gap area and crossed the MK road.Many of the drainage culverts between Lookout and Redwood Creek overflowed and some are still flowing across the road like Trauger's and a few other spots.There are a few tight spots and debris to deal with as you travel to snowline. So did Silver City from the road (Keith went down Main Street some and didn't report anything out of the ordinary). Dan made the bluffs passable with the Piston Bully.The road was completely bare in some areas and other areas had varying snow depths up to about 2 1/2 feet." Tree, partially removed by NPS maintenance crews, on the road just west of Faculty Flat.Mineral King road in East Mineral King looking north just before the parking lot. I took these pictures on Saturday, May 21, 2011, during my 4-mile round trip walk from Silver City.A similar tailback was partly blamed for the deaths of four climbers, from Germany, South Korea, China and Canada.


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