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Only some of primary school graduates go on to take any form of secondary education.

This is contingent upon their passing their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

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This common man's actions, however, emboldened millions to stand athwart tyranny.

The most recent incident was when he got some of the members from as far as Mbarara to go and have a ‘party’ at Botanical beach Entebbe only for them to bonk each other all day long. Police is not about to give up the search for Kintu and his group members over the sex that has been going on in his sex group.

Listen to an audio clip from some of the members here.

Police got involved after a concerned citizen notified them that the Whats App group admin known as Kintu runs the group, shares pornography and connects married women to horny city dudes for boning sessions.

It has also been brought to our notice that Kintu has organized several group orgies where members meet and have sex with each other under the guise of house parties.

According to Arbeiter and Hartley, classes have between 70 and 150 pupils and there is over-age studying in all schools.

Moyi explains the issue of many classes having the inappropriate age of pupils as having been driven by late enrolment or grade repetition, which in turn is caused by the poor quality of education (8).

The original images that came from this heroic act entranced the World.

Charlie Cole's photo of Tank man was awarded as one of the 100 photos that changed the World.

It is divided into the Ordinary level and Advanced level.


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