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We used OCZ NVMe Driver for our testing.

The OCZ RD400/RD400A series is also backed by a 5-year OCZ Advanced Warranty Program (AWP).

The Special had been thoroughly and expensively revised, almost as if Yamaha planned to keep it in the lineup for a few more years, stringent smog laws notwithstanding.

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The April 1979 issue of featured a very young Ken Vreeke strafing a corner in living color.

“The Yamaha RD400F is here to tell you the two-stroke is alive and, thanks to a few simple pieces of technology, just as high-strung and speedy as ever.

At the end of a tumultuous decade, we stand wondering what the 1980s will bring. Honda just launched its 24-valve, six-cylinder CBX.

Kawasaki and Suzuki have clearly and successfully moved on from purveyors of popular, inexpensive two-stroke streetbikes.

We suggest keeping your receipt handy though as it might help in some situations.

The OCZ AWP is one of the very few no cost to you replacement programs out there. Anyone with the narrowest streak of anti-social behavior will find the RD the perfect conspirator.It is Dennis the Menace on Yokohama tires, and is the most fun street motorcycle currently available for sale.” again: “Did they do it because they were seriously interested in the 400 as an ongoing profit center, did they do it to show off their technical depth, or did they do it to stick it to Kawasaki and Suzuki, both of whom have folded their two-stroke tents?‘All of those,’ reckoned a Yamaha spokesman.” “When we decided to do the Daytona,” Burke says, “we knew it would likely be the last of the air-cooled RDs, as we had liquid-cooled designs in the pipeline.We knew we had to make it special, with added technology, power, functionality, styling, et cetera.The OCZ RD400/400A does not come with an Acronis True Image cloning software, but that software is pretty low cost if you need to do data backups or drive cloning.

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