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This same bug also caused problems with other modules that display a list of filesystems, such as Running Processes and System and Server Status.When running a cron job manually, some programs (like PHP scripts) don't work the same way that they would if they were run by cron itself on schedule.This bug also prevents the deletion of a 'personal' group when deleting a user.

perl cgi script for validating and updating database-36

After installing this update, you will need to re-save the 'Authentication Programs' page to have the correct permissions set. directory is selected in the right-hand pane and a button on the top toolbar is clicked, a Java applet error is thrown which prevents the button from working and causes it to appear 'stuck' down.

Complex procmail recipe files (such as the one used by Spam Assassin) cannot be parsed by Webmin, resulting in an 'Unknown line' error message.

Unlike the last update to fix this problem, this one really works!

When adding a virtual server with the 'Listen on address' option selected, an un-needed Listen directive can be created that causes Apache to fail to start with an error message like 'could not bind to address'When using the 'Webmin default' authentication program, incorrect permissions cause it not to run properly and thus all authentication attempts to fail.

There are many different ways of handling CGI scripts, s, and developing client/server applications, and just as many texts to cover them.

A list of references is provided here if you want more information: For more information via printed textbooks, you might want to consult these titles: If you have used a Web browser, then you have come across HTML pages, which allow you to query databases for information.However, as far as the CGI script on the server is concerned, it's sending results back to whoever or whatever called it.It's easy to get the words mixed up, but the intent of both words is to imply the entity that invoked the CGI script in the first place.Perl's power and ease of handling make it a good choice for setting up support code for Web pages.Before I begin, remember that a CGI script does not have to be written in Perl, but the ease and convenience of handling strings makes Perl a very comfortable choice.Click a button and-voilà-you get the latest weather in Colorado.

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