Russian adults video online chat - Perl cgi script for validating and updating database

When deleting a large number of virtual_map entries (such as when Virtualmin deletes a domain), the wrong ones will be removed.

perl cgi script for validating and updating database-9

This same bug also caused problems with other modules that display a list of filesystems, such as Running Processes and System and Server Status.

When running a cron job manually, some programs (like PHP scripts) don't work the same way that they would if they were run by cron itself on schedule.

I'll go over a few points about the terminology in this chapter before I get into the code.

An HTML page is picked up and displayed by a browser on the request of a user using that browser.

Servers started by Webmin (like Apache) get passed environment variables containing password information.

This may then become available to untrusted users, for example if the Apache webserver runs user CGI programs.

The error messsage 'SQL select version() failed : postgres" does not exist' appears when the module is opened, or when a database is created.

Also fixes a problem with new versions of DBD:: Pg, in which the module's main page appears empty.

This bug also prevents the deletion of a 'personal' group when deleting a user.


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