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A rep for the singer told the AP, "The stress of all of the traveling and working so incessantly has exhausted her. READ MORE Ray J and Princess Love didn't have to look far to land a Grammy winner to sing at their wedding ... We're told big sis Brandy will sing Etta James' "At Last" for the…

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But also said publicly that she did not want to tarnish the groups legacy by recording additional music.

Singer and actress Brandy shared with the all-female hosted talk show “The Real” that when it comes to marriage, she’s singing a different tune: “I’m satisfied living by myself.” Often times we hear that it’s the point when you’re at peace and comfortable being on your own that you meet someone special and get married.

She hasn’t been out on a date in a year and apparently doesn’t see marriage in the future as she stated that she doesn’t want to “go down that road.” Now it’s one thing to be questioned by people when you’re single and desire to marry, but if you’re single and you want to live single-single, the pressure, misunderstandings and questions will no doubt come from others. When I talked about marriage she’d be supportive and even shared what role she wanted to play in my wedding.

But when the scenario switched for her, she usually brushed marriage off, joking about having many boos, but not a husband.

Brandy Norwood is doing just fine after her airplane medical emergency ...

but Common treated her extra special at his concert Thursday night anyway.

The rapper brought Brandy onstage at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento and put her front and center. Brandy fell into unconsciousness earlier this month on a Delta flight at LAX just before takeoff, and was rushed to the hospital.

As he performed his 2002 track, "Come Close," she smiled and waved her arms ... She said the collapse was the result of exhaustion, although at least one witness on the plane says she had taken a pill just before the medical emergency.

But Brandy is taking this time in her single season to be solo.

I call this type of single being “single-single:” being single on purpose.

The emcee claims that his music is meant to be the “connecting piece between our spirituality and our day-to-day world.” And lately it seems he’s been “connecting” a lot with singer Brandy. She was last involved with music executive Ryan Press back in 2014; the two were engaged but never married.


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