Marriage agency and dating the difference

If she meets Ukrainian – she will get married here and be removed from our web. We are always happy when 2 people find each other and are happily married.

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Such examples include the dishonest and illegal actions of marriage agencies in Ukraine in general and particularly in Odessa.

Every day a large number of foreigners look through Internet sites for a girlfriend with Slavic appearance from Ukraine.

Rereading the letters from you, we decided to answer the FAQ here. There are 2 ways to meet a girl from our agency: correspondence or personal introduction.

If you want to correspond with the nice serious and family-oriented lady from Kiev, Ukraine, write her the letter (not too long as if the girl sees that you wrote her “a novel” she will consider you as a pen-pal guy who will never come to Kiev to meet her, if she did not read your letter till the end (because it is too long) it does not mean that she is not interested but it means that she appreciates her time and has a serious approach to the search of her second half); it is also necessary for you to send some of your photos with the letter (the lady would surely like to see how you look like and you will send her the photos with your next letter anyway spending more money).

If the lady does care about the age – she writes it in her profile in man's description like “the age is very important for me, so do not waste your time with me” etc. The marriage agencies are so popular in Ukraine simply because statistically there are more women than men here in Ukraine.

This is the first reason why the girl coming to the agency to find her future partner.

There is no man on the earth who would not fall in love at least once in life.

Love is holy feeling, but often it is defiled and someone can play on the feelings of the loved person in order to obtain own benefit.

Actually everything is very individual and everybody has her own story “why”.

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