Ps3 error code updating

PS3 error codes are extremely frustrating for most PS3 owners and users, as most of the codes are not easily identifiable as to what they mean, and what the solution is.Below we have provided an evolving list of PS3 error codes and solutions that was compiled from several different message boards around the net.

ps3 error code updating-49

This PS3 error code appeared prevolantly when the PS3 internal clock error was found, apparently due to leap year, keeping most PS3's from connecting to PSN and playing online. Solutions: Hook up audio via SCART connection or Digital Cable(toslink). Possible Port Error - Try opening ports , TCP port: 80, 4 and UDP port: 3478, 34 or add Ps3 to DMZ.

80010510 - Will not play games installed on the hard drive. If problem persists, system may need to be repaired. You should be able to go into account management and change your password to fix error. Make sure your system is capable of playing PS2 games. 80028F19 - PS2 Disc Error , fsck; the internal PS2 disk got corrupted and I guess that you can use HDD utility disc to fix it. If content is not on download list, then that account is not authorized to use that content. 8002B71A - Possible NAT Error , Can log onto Game Server but can’t join game and can’t host game. Possible solutions; enable UPn P, put PS3 or router in DMZ or set ports, TCP port: 80, 4 and UDP port: 3478, 34. If that does not work then go to recovery menu and perform a "Restore File System" operation.

If it is damaged, you might want to order a new one.

This ribbon cable will be specific for your model type.

This will change your CFW (Custom Firmware) to a (Modified Firmware).

You can remove the Blu-Ray drive portion of the update PUP file to get around this error number. Of course, you will need to pull out the PS3 hard drive and put it in to your computer to format it to get out of the update loop and boot in to safe mode on your PS3 to give it another PUP update file.

2) Open your console, and you will see a ribbon cable beneath your power supply that connects to your Blu-ray drive.

Checked it for any scrapes or cuts that could be exposing the metal inside.

These lists are generally put together by PS3 owners and users who have had problems with errors and are trying to help others identify and fix those same errors.

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