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Hey Laura, I just wanted to tell you: you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I love you so much.

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She’s never asked me which one I prefer, been insecure about me going gay clubbing or listened to those who told her ‘it’s just a phase.’ But by far one of the biggest things I have to thank her for is being cool with what I’m doing right now.

It’s one thing to date a bi man, it’s quite another to date a bi activist who discusses his attraction to men and women in the media every week.

I’ve seen my girlfriend have to put up with a lot for dating me and that’s why I wanted to publicly thank her as well as bring attention to the issues straight girls who date bi men deal with.” This letter was originally published on

Last month a study has found that bisexual people earn considerably less than their straight counterparts.

I’ve dated people in the past who’ve told me to stop saying I’m bi, people that have stood by whilst their friends have ridiculed bisexuality to my face.

I’ve even dated people who’ve tried to convince me I was gay and not bi.Rather than be insecure when I discuss the kind of men I find attractive – she replies ‘this is awesome babe, so proud of you.’ A lot of bi people who settle down do give up the fight.They’re living their lives and have more to do than fight for bi visibility.In it, he professes his love for his girlfriend Laura, and thanks her for accepting his bisexuality.He says he is grateful for her acceptance of his activism, for not being “insecure about [him] going gay clubbing”, and for brushing off ignorant questions about him going through “a phase”. First let me say that I met my best friend when he was unsure of himself.


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