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They love a romance based on selflessness not selfishness. They want him to possess psychological and physiological excellence. It was a wasteland filled with expensive toys and recidivist acts.

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I also refuse to go back home leaving him here almost a cadaver. I’m glad she listened to me last night, she had some sleep in the house for the first since we came here. He coughs again, I see tears pouring out of his eyes and he opens his mouth wide gasping for air. His whole body though his right side is stiff because of the casting, he’s jerking up badly. While we are all shocked by this, his doctor rushes in to chase us out. “Raymond will you stop what you are doing asseblief! “Mmabatho I can see you have a green hand like your brother inlaw.” She drops the watering pot like she’s nervous or something. You should indicate when you are coming.” I think being pregnant with three little us is making her more social.

I’m still busy trying to fish information about the so called robbery kingpin. She’s looking clean, hair combed and dressed appetisingly. Of all the weird things he owns why a naked statue Ray? ” My mother she tries to stop me from hurting myself, since we came out of the ICU I’ve been fidgeting with the wall actually hitting it with my fists. “I should start wearing cattle bells then.” She smiles, I read happiness in her but her belly is massive. “Where will you put those cattle bells if I may ask? I’m beginning to really like the forthcoming Mmabatho.

The four that died on the scene I’ve done checks on them. Mah is totally broken, Ntate is trying to be a man about it but I can see right through him. She’s a better looking mess than yesterday and other previous days. Just that I came to Johannesburg with the kids now they are in Ladysmith. That’s why I spend most of my time here.” I cleared my throat staring at Dikeledi, I’m looking at the damn good liar she is. I’m telling her I’ll hang them on my ears, I stretch them.

They didn’t have driver’s licences, the driver was a sixteen year School dropout. They had no records of serious crimes but more into petty crimes like robbery, pick pocketing and few cases of hijacking. He’s still looking at Dikeledi awaiting the answer. It’s not surprising she’s been shagging my brother for years without anyone’s knowledge. She bursts, I’ve never seen or her heard her laughing freely like this.

“Enough about you and plants I know if I allow it you can go on and on till tomorrow. I’ve been worried about you maybe Brian told you.” I’m asking because in our last conversation she was unhappy and uncertain of being a mother of four simultaneously. My mother for example she gave birth to seven, she raised six troublesome us by then with my father. In all honesty I have no particular reason, I could do this alone but I just want him to man up abit. Sometimes I actually tiptoe behind them like a stalker.

She had a fulltime job, working long hours yet she didn’t complain rather she wishes she had more children. Anelisa from when I met her she told me she wants us to have two kids a boy and a girl. “It’s about the person who is responsible for Anthony’s predicament.” He gives the ‘I don’t get you look’. Unless you are talking about ghosts.” Nat thinks this is funny. He’s too spineless, I don’t know if it’s because of his drug addiction history or he’s naturally like this. I’m their husband after all it’s allowed I think so. Ntate’s tea as usual, this old man will never let my wife be.

I have it from a reliable source that you are taking acting lessons for your days in court. Oscar, I look at you mewling and puking in the witness stand.

You truly represent everything that the West loathes about white South Africans who live extravagant lives in their expensive laagers.

When there is achievement of any kind, people cluster around such a man. You came along, the one in your generation that inspired the imagination for the journey each of us takes.

People want so badly to be reminded of idealism, of triumph against all odds.

Dear Oscar Many years ago an Afrikaans man fell in love with me. When I refused to let him in he fell into a drunken stupor outside the door.

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