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If you can afford it, invest in meeting interviewed and ID checked guys through a personal dating agency such as Drawing Down the Moon which has finding love for busy, single professionals for nearly 30 years.

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When you’re more relaxed with one another that’s when the chemistry kicks in. Research shows that most people in happy relationships did not recognize the potential in their eventual mate on their first date!

What is the ideal mindset to be in to find the perfect man?

It will also convey the message that you are an interesting person, much in demand – both will increase your attractiveness.

Make time for yourself as well as the person you’re seeing, for example, if you spend Saturday with him then have Sunday to yourself and do something you love, such as reading a book or seeing your friends.

Domino Dating is the term I coined to describe my field-tested strategy for meeting Mr. You date as many guys as possible, without getting physical, to give you perspective and practice as well as the best chances of meeting that special person.

This way you create a sort of ‘dating ripple’ or ‘domino effect’. See heaps of guys, not for dinner, but just for a drink lasting not longer than an hour – even if he’s drop dead gorgeous!

The practice this will give you will hone your flirt skills and give the essential perspective you need to make the right decision with the big moment arrives.

Mary Balfour is MD of Drawing Down the Moon, the original personal dating agency for busy professionals founded in the early 80s.

How can you keep your sense of fun and independence while dating?

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