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[tags: Monarchies, Parliament, Ancient Government] - While taking the class of Early Modern European History there was two states that really stuck out and peaked my interest the most.

They were the Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe.

As I will argue in this paper, men controlled women and limited their rights with regard to guardianship, serving as a witness, and owning property.

[tags: World Civilization ] - Introduction and Research Process Malleus Maleficarum was written 1486 by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger concerning the prosecution of witches.

The purpose of the work was to prove that witchcraft was indeed real, and that it was primarily practiced by women.

This resulted in economists, like Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations (1776), examining the most cost-effective method of producing the goods and services citizens demanded (such as clothing and food)....

[tags: European History ] - The first article up for review, Alexander Fisher’s “Song, Confession, and Criminality: Trial Records as Sources for Popular Musical Culture in Early Modern Europe,” is extremely thorough and detailed.

There is extensive literature on parliament and political institutions of the period, explaining the decline but also the role they played in the government.

This paper describes the issues that determined the development of these institutions using on secondary sources....

Different kinds of festivals were celebrated in different ways....

[tags: European Europe History] - For understanding entirely the emergence of modern European states in the fifteen and sixteen centuries it is central to study the trend of representative assemblies to disappear at the same time that centralized monarchies gained power.

Naturally, at the Catholic prep school where I teach, students want to believe religious ideals and rhetoric are absolute....


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