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You would not be able to charge per minute with Pay Pal's system, however, you could easily pre-sell blocks of time in minutes. Pay Pal does not charge to use their scripts, and they do not charge a base fee.They do charge 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction for business accounts. cmd=p/xcl/rec/ipn-intro-outside The IPN system works by contacting your web server whenever a payment is made.Dedicated Tech Support Engineer Our tech support engineers are personally handling all tech support tickets. To help you get started you get 3 months of free tech support when you purchase.

This would also allow you to integrate pay-per-minute webcam services as well. You can read more about Verotel's pay-per-minute service at: X3 Scripts offers a java script that will handle pay-per-minute access to your web site.

- Verotel offers pay-per-minute access services for a number of different countries. They recommend it specifically for chat rooms and video feeds.

You would want to sell your time blocks as "single item purchases" instead of subscriptions--but still using the IPN--to make this work properly.

In addition to the Perl script, there are several examples on their site that describe how to achieve similar results using ASP/VBscript.

The chat room interface design, size, colors, fonts, sounds and language are customizable.

All editable software source files are included (Flash .

If not OK, I understand--I only ask because your changes would represent a significant improvement to what I cobbled together.

Pay per minute chat business script is a AJAX PHP/My SQL based system that allows you to build a comprehensive, adult / non adult pay per minute video chat site.

This video chat software works on basic web hosting from providers such as Go Daddy and others.

CAMCOM Chat has many powerful features such as 1 on 1 private chat rooms, video and voice calls, administration panel to kick / ban unwanted users and integration support for Wordpress, Joomla and others.

Before using Micro Focus PPM, time-to-market for new products and services was a big issue because it was necessary to speak with a lot of different people to capture the necessary information.


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