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Unitive makes sure the most deserving candidate is selected for the job regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or political views.Founded by cyber security expert Laura Mather, Unitive not only aims to fix the gender gap in the tech industry but to also use AI to eliminate gender or race based bias from all enterprise recruitment.

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It was banned in Thailand in 2012 when it was taught to badmouth the country’s political leaders, but more recently, it spewed so much hatred at Irish schoolchildren that it's been “One of the greatest thing about bots is that they’re just so intuitive and natural,” says Paul Gray, director of platform services at KIK.

“People are familiar with sending messages, and with chat platforms and bot tech, developers can make experiences that work through conversation.” But the more human-like bots become, the more wary we become of them – psychologists have termed this “the uncanny valley of the mind.” And especially when it comes to conversing with these bots as a leisure pursuit, figuring out how human is too human has never been more important.

With character-based recruitment, employers are able to choose the type of employees they want based on a cocktail of machine learning algorithms and industrial organizational psychology.

Though some argue that this system doesn’t pay enough attention to candidate’s prior work experience, it’s still a great way to find specific traits in hires.

Kieran Snyder and Jensen Harris, co-founders of Textio, believe words matter more than anything else.

Textio analyses how well certain words and layouts attract more candidates when used in job postings.The product is also an an end-to-end hiring solution tackling job requirements, sourcing, interviewing, and hiring rather than just one step of the process.The software is divided into two personal assistants named “Wade & Wendy” where Wade is your career counsellor and Wendy is your hiring assistant.Here’s a quick look at the top ten companies leveraging AI and machine learning in HR management.Entelo searches for candidates based on how well they fit your job description.With human resources, AI and machine learning can take away the heavy lifting involved with recruiting.

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