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The rigid gender segregation policy applied in schools such as Al Hijrah is an anathema to that vision.

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She would see the end of all male FTSE-100 boards, more women in work than ever before and a record proportion of women in university.

When it comes to gender equality, the arc of human history really has bent towards justice.

The girls could not have their lunch until the boys had finished theirs, and even access to the school library was restricted to separate times for boys and girls.

Our inspectors also found prominently displayed books, that included precepts such as ‘…

It denied boys and girls the opportunity to socialise with one another, and failed to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

After a long legal battle, I was delighted that the Court of Appeal agreed.That’s why Ofsted’s victory on Friday in the Court of Appeal was so important.The case concerned a co-educational school, Al Hijrah, in the middle of one of our most diverse cities.The purpose of gender segregation in Al-Hijrah is different.Their policy is designed to enforce the difference between sexes and their tightly prescribed roles in society.The point is that part of these schools’ purpose is quite explicitly about preparing children for life in modern Britain and our inspections will always make sure this is happening.


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