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“We leave personal questions out of this,” he smiles.

There have been rumors swirling about a possible romance between Chiquis Rivera and La Original Band El Limón’s singer Lorenzo Méndez for months now.

She’s tiny, barely coming up to Lewis’s shoulder, has a baby face, and is wearing a sailor dress.

As Lewis talks, Gale chews gum and fiddles with her sunglasses; at one point, she puts them in her mouth.

This is what saves time and allows you to find quickly those of interest to you.

When host asked who's dating Mahone, however, Cabello shyly raised her hand.

here’s a clip on You Tube that shows part of a 1958 television interview with Jerry Lee Lewis, then 22, and his wife, Myra Gale, then just 13.

In the video, Gale looks very much like the child she is.

When the interviewer finally asks her a question — “Were you there [at the London concerts], Mrs. ” — she hides her mouth behind her hand as she answers quietly, “I was there, but I wasn’t at the shows.” The next question — “When were you married?

” — leads Lewis to wrap his arms around Gale as she looks away.

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