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When the Reapers invaded the galaxy, the densorin attempted to pacify them by sacrificing their children to them, but this only allowed the Reapers to destroy the densorin more quickly.

The densorin are known to have studied celestial mechanics and morphological simulations of galactic language, topics beyond the understanding of even the Protheans.

With no other recourse, the Protheans sent the star of the zha's home system into supernova, destroying the zha'til entirely.

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The densorin were a race that existed at the time of the Protheans.

At some point, they fought a war against the oravores.

These unidentified races are listed here by the worlds their ruins were discovered on.

Charted in 2185 by a deep-space mining vessel exploring the Nubian Expanse, the planet 433 Spidau was formerly inhabited by a sapient race, which destroyed itself through nuclear warfare around 1,000 years ago.

Scans show the ruins of over ninety cities on the planet are still radioactive.

Prior to this discovery, the contemporary galaxy knew of six other races that likewise perished in conflicts with nuclear weapons.

These background races are often barely understood by the contemporary civilizations, which have pieced together scant details of a mere handful of ancient races through ruins and artifacts.

The arthenn flourished across multiple worlds in the Zelene system some 300,000 years ago.

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies have existed for several billion years.

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