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We designate this class of deposits as Proterozoic iron oxide (CuUAuREE) deposits, and propose that the ore deposits generally referred to as ‘Kiruna-type’ should be considered a subset of this larger class.Salient characteristics of this class of deposits are as follows: The deposits are located in areas that were cratonic or continental margin environments during the late Lower to Middle Proterozoic, and in many cases there is a definite spatial and temporal association with extensional tectonics.Inexpensive Finally, for some individuals planning a date can be expensive.

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However, mineralization in many deposits is not easily related to igneous activity at the structural level of mineralization. The exact alteration mineralogy depends on host lithology and depth of formation, but there is a general trend from sodic alteration at deep levels, to potassic alteration at intermediate to shallow levels, to sericitic alteration and silicification at very shallow levels.

In addition, the host rocks are locally intensely Fe-metasomatized.The aulacogen and the sedimentary and igneous rocks that filled it were successively deformed as a result of differential movements between crustal plates encompassing what are now commonly termed the Rhodesian and Kaapvaal cratons.The timing of events in the evolution of the Limpopo Mobile Belt correlates well with the chronology of the tectonic development of the granite-greenstone terrains of the Rhodesian and Kaapvaal cratons.Our evenings are typically organised to last for just over two hours including a half time drinks come freshen up break.Keep me informed of events in Oxford Do you want to go speeddating in Oxford?Both the morphology and the extent of alteration and mineralization appear to be largely controlled by permeability along faults, shear zones and intrusive contacts, or by permeable horizons such as poorly welded tuffs.

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