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Located about an hour from Waikoloa Beach, this amazing property has the space for up to two hundred guests on its main deck, with plenty of room for larger parties outside along with beautiful locations to hold the ceremony.

With a professional and attentive staff, capable preferred vendors, and a fine history of event planning, the ceremony and reception are certain to be well organized.

Anna Ranch Heritage Center has tried to create the total experience offering an onsite blacksmith and saddle maker.

With the most recent eruption in April, 2008 and the continuous emission of sulfur dioxide, hazards can include respiratory problems and road or park closures.

There are different color-coded levels for sulfur dioxide conditions.

It is also a popular belief that bad luck befalls anyone who removes lava rock from where it was found on the island.

Travelers can expect the drive from Waikoloa Beach to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to take about least two and a half hours via Highway 190 without stopping along the way. In preparation for this adventure, it is important to call the Visitors Information Line for updates.

ROUTE #2– Saddle Road This route is considered a bit faster but also a little bit more dangerous in terms of the terrain. If the lava is flowing and visible, we recommend getting to the hiking trail two hours prior to sunset to view it properly. It is per car unless there are more than fifteen people. There are some organized land and boat tours available for a cost, that show a different perspective. As far as weddings go, there are quite a few options on the Big Island of Hawaii for both ceremony and reception sites.

Out of the resort, take a left on the main highway. Here is when the directions differ from above, take a right on HIGHWAY 200 (Saddle Road), this will later connect to HIGHWAY 19. One such unique location is Anna Ranch Heritage Center, Waimea, Hawaii.

With no stops, it will take about two and a half hours to reach Volcano National Park. Take a right on Waikoloa Rd (at the helicopter pad).

Take that all the way up to HIGHWAY 190 toward Waimea, just past Waimea, the road turns into HIGHWAY 19, Breakfast and lunch are available at Tex Drive-in.

To return to Waikoloa Beach Resort, going back the same way is an option.

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