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The results were confirmed by 2015 neurology research, in which a group of men watched a series of emotional videos — categorised into 'blissful', 'exciting', 'heart-warming' and 'funny' — while their responses were measured via electrodes in their brains.

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Studies have shown that females have more white blood cells, the parts of the blood which produce antibodies — natural proteins which neutralise bacteria and viruses.

Disease therefore progresses faster in men — and tends to take hold earlier in their lives.

A UK study that exposed six-year-old boys and girls to a recording of a crying baby found that boys experienced a higher release of stress hormones.

The same researchers also said that boys cry more when upset and take longer to calm down.

It's no surprise that adult women's bodies have high levels of oestrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones.

But did you realise that these help to make their immune system stronger and more flexible?According to the National Pharmacy Association, men visit their GP four times a year compared to six times for women, visit a pharmacy four times a year compared to 18 — and are twice as likely to take medication without reading the label.The study also found that nearly nine in ten men don't like to trouble medical professionals unless they have a 'serious problem'.If a baby boy and girl get exactly the same neonatal medical care, boys are statistically 10 per cent more likely to die.They may act tough, but men are more emotionally fragile.In Britain, there are 150 people over the age of 107, only eight of whom are men.


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