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We hope to have our webcam back on line soon so you can enjoy the views (until you come here yourselves, of course) but until then please take a peek at the Soggy Dollar webcam.

Steve Butcher, our webmaster extraordinaire, just installed the Soggy webcam today just in time for all of us to partake in their famous New Eve party (which tends to start early and last well into the new year): Dec 21 update: Today is the Winter Solstice marking the first day of winter so it is apt that the VI National Park announced (again) that all their trails, roads, and beaches are totally open and awaiting visitors.

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They were staying two hotels down from Mandalay Bay.

"The lights were on in my room, so I immediately turned all the lights off because I didn't know where it was coming from," Danielle Hook said.

Over the weekend Robin Roberts flew to the USVI to see for herself how the territory is faring as the result of being battered by not one but by two Category 5 hurricanes this past September.

While she found many (most) still without electricity and many with homes that had been destroyed or badly damaged, she found the people of the islands resilient and committed to the rebuilding of their homes and infrastructure and our island spirit in good health.

With electricity the hardworking staff at Cinnamon can really get to work repairing the campgrounds which were damaged from the storm.

Nov 6 update: St John is starting to look a bit more like 'the old St John' now that some of the barges and boats that were forced aground during the storms are being re-floated or hauled away.Rather green debris will be composed: Nov 14 update: Yelena Rogers, one of St John's wonderful wedding photographers, spent yesterday at Hawksnest & Honeymoon beaches and reports that the National Park has done a fabulous job of cleaning debris and repairing the buildings and has officially 'reopened' both areas.She reports and and details through stunning photos how just how beautiful both spots are today; we urge you to take a look at Yelena's Facebook page for more photos showing the current condition of the beaches of St John which clearly shows that wonderful beaches await: Nov 13 update: St John, St Thomas, and St Croix were all featured this morning on ABC's Good Morning America's program.“Maho Bay Beach reopened last Wednesday, we finished the rest of the beaches Thursday and Friday, and the remaining work at Annaberg Sugar Mill was completed Friday afternoon.We are excited to welcome visitors back to their park.”Dec 15 update: The Bloomberg USVI Recovery Team just announced that by this weekend, all beaches, trails and roads across St. The clean-up continues with more signs of progress across St. The Bloomberg team has been a remarkable partner and leader in the rebuilding of St John.We are providing updates to attendees as we have additional information.

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