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But even while filming that scene of sexual frenzy, the on-set atmosphere was one of artistic distance. That's me trying to get an Edward Hopper–esque image of the lonely woman in the window! “You work through the mechanics: .” That professionalism and honesty was crucial for Ritter.

“Typically, sex scenes are probably my least-favorite thing to do,” she said.

She’s just technically sound on it.” Technical precision was also the preferred approach for David Petrarca, who directed the episode in which we see Luke and Jessica go at it three times.

We’ve entered a new era of realistic, wide-ranging on-screen intimacy that reveals as much about our society’s evolving social and sexual politics as it does about any one character. New streaming services, not bound by industry rules and norms, are taking bigger risks, such as the Amazon show Beau Willimon even credits the advent of the Internet and its abundance of online porn for freeing him from relying on sex scenes as an enticing ratings booster.

Critics debate whether we’ve passed the golden age of television defined by shows like —the way intimacy is shown on the small screen has come a long way since 1952 when CBS forbade Lucille Ball from calling herself “pregnant” on national TV, substituting instead the priest-approved word “expecting.” The evolution of sex on TV moved slowly for the next six decades.

“If you project that into the environment, you charge the atmosphere.

So the best way is to make it as pedestrian as humanly possible.” That said, one of the moments he directed wasn’t pedestrian by non-superhuman standards: Jessica is on top of Luke, riding him so hard that they shatter the bed’s bottom legs.

Our onscreen superheroes are, for the most part, neutered.

Sure, there’s romantic tension and the occasional kiss, but it’ll be a cold day in hell before we see Henry Cavill and Amy Adams do a boudoir scene as Superman and Lois Lane.“But to that point, I don’t think I would feel comfortable simulating the opposite onscreen.” One sentiment was true across the board: Even though the sex scenes are unprecedented in Marvel’s film and TV history, none of our interviewees went into them thinking they were revolutionary. I mean, okay, literally groundbreaking, because it was so physically strong and we could break ground while we were doing it, yeah,” Colter said.“But the Marvel Universe, it’s been known as a family-friendly kind of universe, so we’re just giving you a slice of something else.“My chest and my arms were burning, there were points in my back — I was like, ‘.“She’s the sex-scene director to have if you want to do sex scenes, because she knows exactly where to put the hands and what to do with the hands and what to do with the head.“She’s not perfect, she’s damaged, she’s traumatized, she has PTSD, and she still has — like every human being on the planet — these carnal desires that are also not perfect.

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