Sex behind the scenes

“Her sexuality, her powers — they’re simply a matter of fact.” Jessica’s also a survivor of serial rape, but those working on the show wanted to make sure her sexual appetite wasn’t seen as being rooted in trauma.“Jessica Jones is messy,” said Rachael Taylor, who plays Jessica’s best friend, Trish.

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She’s just technically sound on it.” Technical precision was also the preferred approach for David Petrarca, who directed the episode in which we see Luke and Jessica go at it three times.

“The problem is, people bring their own kind of shame about sex to the table” when you shoot sex scenes, he said.

Our onscreen superheroes are, for the most part, neutered.

Sure, there’s romantic tension and the occasional kiss, but it’ll be a cold day in hell before we see Henry Cavill and Amy Adams do a boudoir scene as Superman and Lois Lane.

Samantha and Darrin shared a bed on increasingly common and with them easily accessible pornography.

No longer did kids have to visit a friend with an HBO subscription to see nudity.Read no further if you don’t want Jessica Jones spoilers.“People go, ‘Wow, this must be fun.’ Well, they don’t realize you do it all day.Sex on TV, it turned out, didn’t have to be romantic—or even appealing.Five years after Dunham’s first unsatisfying hookup on infamous 69 scene last season.Her friend with benefits, Adam (Adam Driver), takes charge of the encounter and won’t even answer the question of whether he’s putting on a condom.


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