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You might truly be meant for each other if you can manage the craziness with love and collaboration in these ways: You may not always understand why your date needs, wants or chooses the things he or she does this time of year.Family demands, past experiences and general anxieties can lead to actions that may seem unnecessary or out of character.They can also be a time of creating cherished memories that further solidify your relationship.

(Other romance bombs include Valentine’s Day, spring break, April Fool’s day, springtime Mondays and the peak of the summer season.) Why would a happy holiday time be so deadly for love?

Mc Candless’ partner, Lee Byron, offered this in an interview: “Perhaps some combination of seasonal affect disorder and a case of the Mondays has warped the idea of you meeting their family over the holidays into something horrid.” (The first Monday of December is the most dicey for a romance’s survival.) One thing that can lead to these holiday breakups is the increased frequency of cheating. Bonnie Weil, explains, “One of the main reasons people have affairs is to counteract feelings of stress, separation or loss and the holidays can bring these feelings up at once.” Whatever personal motivations put a strain on romances throughout the year, dividing time between families and social obligations during the holidays can test the affection of any couple trying to date during the December month of madness.

“I had a nice first date with a guy a couple of weeks before Christmas,” remembers Alisx Edmondson.

“On our second date, he handed me a Tiffany necklace. I never went out with him again because I was so freaked out.” Do use this opportunity to show you’re deeply in like—and have been listening.

In the world of dating every situation offers an opportunity to learn about your prospective mate, including the ability to value your romance in the midst of competing priorities.

These end-of-the-year weeks are a terrific time to learn, grow and bond together.Spend some time mapping out how to navigate the holidays as a unit.The more intentional you become about this the easier it will be.Whether you’re on your third date or in your third year of dating, these tips will help you avoid potential etiquette blunders so you can spread your holiday cheer as a couple all the way into the New Year.Don’t get your date a lavish present—no matter how well intentioned, it could send a budding relationship into a nosedive.When you’re dating, the way you balance the best and the worst of this time of year helps illuminate the qualities and characteristics of each partner, plus how you function as a team.

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