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I would always make sure to preface that text with a quick "Are you alone?

Over time, I got less and less comfortable, and we stopped.

The first time we did it, I think we were both kind of blown away. " And I was younger and more focused on pleasing him than I probably should have been (in a "I want my boyfriend to love me" teenage way).

I also highly recommend starting with a laptop instead of a phone. Once you get comfortable, it's easy to move to a phone, but without practice, there will be a lot of phones plopping over and falling. It's easy to fall into the Fabio-novel stereotype cliches, or repeat things you've heard in porn.

If you're using a phone, make sure it's stable for the cum shot. I like using very real language, language I'd use during sex, imagining what I'd be doing and just slowing explaining every new movement, every new body part I'd touch ...

He's in the military), but I think I needed the few years off to work on my self-confidence before I was ready again.

Similar to Skype sex, we used to sext (in high school), but then we had incidents where our parents read the messages and that led to a lot of shame, and I had a hard time finding the messages sexy because we’re both pretty goofy by nature. We’ve been doing it a little more these days even though we’re living together, and I definitely appreciate the occasional dick-pic Snapchat.

There's nothing worse then orgasming intensely with your eyes closed only to open them up and realize your phone fell over and your partner missed the whole thing. As for sending nudes, I only do that with people I really trust. Woman B: I think the key is not to overthink it and start slow.

Man B: My girlfriend is still getting comfortable with masturbating on camera with porn.

Woman A: I was once having Skype sex in the bathtub and water somehow got on it.

It fried my entire computer right in the middle of it ...

The relationship got more stable, and I got more confident and started to feel like I was putting on a sexual performance that I stopped being comfortable with.


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