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Silicone sleeves can provide maximum grip, however, there are safety precautions dancers must take and consider before using silicone sleeves.

Poles come in a variety of materials and coatings where each material possesses its own properties, advantages and disadvantages.

The materials poles are made of are brass, titanium – gold, stainless steel and chrome.

It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.

But this guide was created to help you navigate your way through all those adjectives and shed the only light you’ll ever need on an otherwise confusing, strenuous experience.

The chrome poles are silver in colour and are most popular amongst beginners.

The finishes some dance poles may possess are silicone sleeves and powder coatings.

Affixing at the ceiling gives more stability, but is not always realized, especially at night clubs with higher ceilings or at transportable devices.

In the United States, the diameter is usually 50mm (2 inches), or the now more popular 45mm (1.75 inches), allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand. There are a variety of different dance pole types to suit different performance situations.

The way poles are fixed to the ceiling and the floor varies by which pole brand is purchased.

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