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While I concur with much of what the fact check revealed, I am still grateful for your presentation at our first TEDx Shelburne Falls conference.Basically, TED’s fact check found that your talk is based on a debunked popular hoax from the early 1900s and promotes a well-known and widely discredited fringe theory, while misrepresenting the existence of legitimate research on this issue.Some physicists have also treated this as evidence of the fallibility inherent within the peer review system.

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There was an express desire to “do it again” next year and ~50 attendee feedback surveys concur.

Please join us again to plan our collective future in this endeavor. Sincerely, Stacy Kontrabecki Curator, TEDx Shelburne Falls ________________________ 14 December 2012 Dear Jim, As you know, I have been receiving a lot of queries regarding your TEDx talk and challenging the scientific validity of some of what you presented.

Without going into the details here, I am attaching a letter – below – that I just sent to Jim which explains why I have made this decision.

Rest assured, I did speak with Jim yesterday via telephone before sending this email.

Rumors spread on Usenet newsgroups that the work was a deliberate hoax intended to target weaknesses in the peer review system employed by the physics community to select papers for publication in academic journals.

The story spread like wildfire in public media, prompting Niedermaier to offer an apology to the Bogdanovs, admitting that he had not read the papers firsthand.

book The Secret Melody: And Man Created the Universe.

After a legal battle in France, Thuan and the Bogdanovs settled out of court, and the Bogdanovs later denied all wrongdoing.

Thuan suggests that the plagiarism suit pressed the brothers to obtain doctorates as fast as possible, since (according to Thuan) the back cover of the book claimed that the Bogdanovs held doctorates when they did not.

In 1993, the brothers began work toward doctorates, first working under the mathematical physicist Moshé Flato of the University of Burgundy.

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