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Some might guess that the life of an Agency employee would be one big secret as well. The Agency promotes a family-friendly work environment and always strives to find the right work/life balance.

Meet CIA officers Grant, Brian, Jaime, Rosemary, and Tara.

That’s partly because it’s such a hard thing to study.

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I talk about in my book how my girlfriend once found my Agency badge in my sock drawer (cool secret hiding spot huh?

) and how I had to talk my way out of that disaster.

Didn’t go over so “My social life was robust,” he explained in another answer, “but do understand that came with a lot of stress that I brought upon myself.

Consider, every new person I met was one more person I had to keep my secret from and weave another lie with.” Ultimately, Laux was able to compartmentalize — “I do not regret that my life was a fabricated lie,” he said, “because it was only my job that I was hiding fromeveryone.” Not everyone can handle this sort of secrecy as well as Laux did.

In this article, they’ll share their insights and talk about what it’s like to be an Agency employee.

This story is the second in a series designed to debunk some myths and misconceptions about working at the CIA.

When he learned he was headed to Afghanistan, he told his parents he was moving to Hawaii — a place so far away from their Midwestern home, he assumed, that they’d never try to come visit Those closest to me always were suspicious.

And those closest to me were always my girlfriends.

In fact, the stress of constantly lying can lead some law-enforcement agents to emerge from undercover assignments with deep psychological scars.

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