Elementary dating script

Concepts such as “strangers” are defined and students name trusted adults that they could talk to if they had a problem.Students learn that there are some times when there’s a REASON for touching, and those situations are not secret, and are okay.Program Summary Internet safety further examines how someone can pretend to be someone they’re not, even through photos and video.

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Scripted presentation and movie are 45-60 minutes total.

Program Summary Storytelling and the use of Joe & Suzy dolls further expound upon the Play it Safe! Interspersed in these scripted stories are scenarios which help children process what action they could take, or how a character might feel.

Stories portray the difference between discipline and unsafe touch, and coloring books reinforce this message.

Movie description Mae is spending the summer with Grandpa, and shares her secret about her mom’s boyfriend.

Children learn they can get help by telling a trusted adult.

Scripted presentation and movie are 45-60 minutes total. Discussion addresses how gaming with or meeting someone online might feel safe when that person appears to have the very same interests.

In this program children are taught to never keep a secret when it’s not safe.

Program Summary Because the message is delivered through humor in the movie, the curriculum increases student interaction through questions & information processing to ensure comprehension of this important message.

Movie description Chase loves baseball, but he is tormented by the secret that someone close is abusing him.

With the help of his coach, Chase understands he can step up and tell.

In the style of Program Summary In addition to the basic premise, internet safety is addressed as well as what it means to give out “personal information”.

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