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In the future, more computerized methods will likely be adopted promising to generate a substantial increase in the playing card manufacturing industry.

The first written record of the use of playing cards comes from the Orient, dating back to the twelfth century.

Playing cards were introduced to Europe during the thirteenth century from the Middle East.

The next significant advance in card manufacture was the replacement of wood blocking and hand coloring with copper plate engraving during the sixteenth century.

When color lithography was developed in the early 1800s, the production of playing cards was revolutionized.

The earliest decks of playing cards were hand-colored with stencils.

Consequently, they were extremely expensive to produce and were owned almost exclusively by the very wealthy.When Europeans began to produce their own cards, they did not produce consistent designs and any number of suits or face cards would be made.In the latter part of the fifteenth cenwry, standardized versions of cards began to appear.During the fifteenth century, a method of producing cards using wooden blocks as printing templates was introduced in Germany.These decks were quickly exported throughout Europe.Evidence suggests that they first arrived in Italy or Spain and were quickly spread throughout the continent.


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