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Download the You Tube video with the You Tube downloader of you choice, which supports 3D videos. For convenient usage in the terminal you should rename the file to something short and without spaces.The minimal GStreamer pipeline for playing the video stream of a mp4 file (Quick Time / H.264 / AAC) looks like this Let’s add some Oculus Rift distortion now.Here is what the Joel Test looks like, in case you aren't familiar: The Joel Test“The neat thing about The Joel Test is that it's easy to get a quick yes or no to each question.

To use source control effectively, you should understand concepts like branching and merging.

You should know how to use your source control system to go back and look at revisions of code to compare them.

Several people have asked me lately if I had an idea for a Joel Test to evaluate an actual programmer, rather than a software development organization, so I've decided to put together a list of what I think might be a good equivalent of the Joel Test for evaluating the skills of an actual software developer. I'll list them out and then dig a little deeper into each one, just as Joel did in his original post.

The Simple Programmer Test Obviously, this is a simple test that doesn't incorporate anywhere close to everything that makes a good software developer, but you can use this test to self-score—or perhaps when interviewing a candidate to get a good idea of general aptitude.

In fact, the only way to really recognize them is to have some experience solving those types of problems in general.

I've written many times about solving these types of problems and provided many different resources on the topics, so I'm not going to repeat myself here, but take a look at some of these posts, if you are interested in improving your skills in this area: The more and more you work in this industry, the more you will realize how pointless it is to be religious about technology and how beneficial it is to be well-versed in more than one programming language or technology stack.

Most importantly it has the exact functionality I was looking for when I wanted to play a stereoscopic video on the Oculus Rift: Decoding a video stream and applying a GLSL fragment shader to it.

I found a few solutions that to try to achieve that goal, but they were very unsatisfactory.

In the GLSL shader you can change some parameters like video resolution, eye distance, scale and kappa.

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