Updating brick fireplace

To learn more about gas fireplace safety and to request a safety barrier screen for your hearth, visit here.

A slightly more subdued statement will tie in your modernist sensibilities, and it’s easy enough to get with a quick whitewashing.

To make whitewash stain, just combine two-parts white latex paint with one-part water, and then brush the mixture on. — a chic fireplace update fit for the hippest Brooklyn brownstone.

However, these options aren’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to fireplace accessories.

Modern screens have fresh accents, like more current patterns, and even curved shapes that will bring your space into the present decade.

It’s definitely accomplishable in a weekend, but if you’re really short on time, a faux stone veneer panel can get you the same effect without getting out the masonry trowel.

New Screening You’re probably more than familiar with the classic, wrought iron scroll-edged fireplace screens, and you’ve looked at all the brassy glass covers you care to see.

Give It a Wash Texturally, brick is unmatched at capturing that classic, industrial feel in your living room.

But bright red just isn’t where the interior design world is at right now.

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start getting serious about your home’s interior appeal.

After all, bland and outdated decor becomes strikingly obvious when poor weather keeps you indoors.

There’s no swifter way to bring new life to your hearth.

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