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I can’t imagine what it would be like to set oneself up on Skype, post a few adverts around and then stare at your screen waiting for students to show up (if they ever do in this massive cyber vacuum where no-one knows who you are). Motivating students online This depends on the context of your online teaching model.If I had a class in a brick-and-mortar school and a language lab, I would have a field day.My number-one tip here is to make Power Point presentations as visual as possible.

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Have you ever thought about teaching English online?

Sylvia Guinan, online English teacher and current winner of the British Council Teaching English blog award, walks us through the opportunities and pitfalls.

The fun activities one can use to supplement courses and have students creating their own educational masterpieces are endless.

My favourite activities would include comic creation, video-making and story-telling via multimedia.

In a way, it drives you to surpass yourself and focus more on best practice as well as innovation.

As for students, they are our digital natives, and they deserve to be taught with 21st-century technology.

From a psychological point of view, 24/7 facilitation gives all students a chance to get the teacher’s undivided attention and helps shy students to open up more.

This doesn’t mean that you are at their beck and call; it just means that some of your work will be managed asynchronously.

Technology basics Many freelance teachers teach through Skype.

It’s the simplest thing to do, as Skype is very stable for audio quality and you simply screen-share your desktop to show Power Point presentations or work directly from educational websites.

In this way, you can introduce many new games as you have the advantage of information gaps to exploit.

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