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Tracy Allen’s love horoscope columns appear regularly online.

Although you’re nearly impossible to resist, when Venus backtracks in Aries from March 4 through April 2, you probably won’t be feeling the love.

During that month, think about how you come across and ask yourself if you’re happy with the image you’re projecting—and take a break from dating if you’re not in the mood.

And whether you’re settled down or hooking up, after Mars charges into your sex zone on December 9, you’ll finish 2017 with a bang!

TAURUSApril 20–May 20Mars barrels through your sign from March 9 to April 21, giving you the green light to take charge—in your love life and wherever else you’re eager to call the shots.

Venus gets cozy in your relationship and intimacy houses November 7 through December 24, luring you to do the same.

Again, casual won’t cut it; if you’re not craving a particular guy or gal’s company, you might be better off ignoring booty calls and hanging with your bff.But while Venus graces those areas of your chart from July 4 to 31 and October 14 to November 7, there’s zero initiative required—you’ll have them at hello!December promises major mistletoe action, compliments of Venus’ presence in your companionship and intimacy houses, so carve out time during this busy season for plenty of dates and parties or behind-closed-doors nights with your S. CANCERJune 21–July 22Thanks to powerful Pluto’s journey through your interpersonal zone, you’ve probably had some ultra-intense encounters, a relationship crisis or two, and maybe a breakup you thought you’d never recover from.Watch for an old lover to come out of the woodwork when Venus travels retrograde in that house April 2 to 15—and wait until later in the month before you consider hopping back into bed with someone you said sayonara to for a reason.Further complicating matters, dreamy Neptune’s lengthy stopover in your sex house has blurred the line between lust and love.When Venus visits Taurus from June 6 through July 4, you won’t have to make so much effort.


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